CFO Advisor

Background on Andrew

Strategic Finance Background: Have run a number of finance teams within multi-national Wall Street companies focused on technology and also started my own consulting company helping small and medium sized businesses.

My Finance Superpower:  Creating order from chaos, being able to quickly identify core issues and address them effectively, strong pattern recognition, analysis and communication, leadership.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Embrace reality and deal with it.

Where I Live: Ann Arbor, Michigan (recently relocated from Westchester, NY)

Nickname:  Andy / Drew

Hobbies: Cooking (particularly Texas BBQ), golf and playing mediocre guitar

Favorite Color: Maize and Blue

Favorite Vacation Spot: Kapalua, Hawaii and Florence, Italy

Stores I Like: Chef City – nothing like holding the thing you are going to be cooking with

Why I Work at Stride: Being part of building a culture I believe in.