Director of Client Operations

Background on Deb

Accounting Background:  20+ years in large, mid, small scale organizations and most recently in a start up environment

My Accounting Superpower:Quality .. I strive to ensure that the accounting inputs are clean so that the FPA conclusions are accurate and useful to all stakeholders. Efficiency … I strive to ensure that all processes are effective and outcome driven, leveraging automation whenever possible. Empowerment … managing teams through coaching and operational systems that inspires creative thinking and team collaboration.

What is the Stride Principle that most connects with you and why?: So many, but the one that I think of most often is being relentless for building the impossible perfect machine. This speaks all systems – people, processes, and systems – in alignment.

Where I Live: Boston, Massachusetts

Nickname:  Deb

Hobbies: All things outdoors, cooking, and music.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anything adventurous …

Stores I Like: I love grocery stores, and markets 🙂

Why I Work at Stride: Working with a team of people who share a passion to grow a company and finding ways to help achieve it’s greatest potential.