Accounting Lead

Background on Valeria

Accounting Background: I have worked as an accountant for about 6 years. My journey began as a financial auditor for almost 3 years, where I specialized in non-profit, insurance, government and employee benefit plan audits. From there, I worked as a financial controller for a non-profit healthcare organization for almost 3 years, that also happened to be one of my previous auditing clients.

My Accounting Superpower: Organization.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Embrace Reality and deal with it. It is so simple, but can sometimes be so difficult to do. It implies being able to take a step back and analyze the bigger picture of what is actually happening and what should be important in the grand scheme of things. It is easy for me to want to dig into the trenches and work to my little hearts desire, but this principle helps bring me out into the light and refocus.

Where I Live: Waco, TX

Nickname:  V or Val

Hobbies: Yoga, Cycling, Reading, and Traveling.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere by a bright blue beach and a good book.

Stores I Like: Lululemon, Tory Burch, and Target.

Why I Work at Stride: Working from home is a dream!