Stride Makes Bookkeeping and Accounting Actionable

When bookeeping and accounting is done right, your data should be actionable and understandable. When you work with Stride, that is what you get

Engaging Stride as Your Outsourced Accounting Department



Stride provides virtual back office bookkeeping and accounting services to high growth organizations like yours. For a fraction of the cost of bringing in-house, we bring team, process and technology so you can stay focused on your genius zone.


Books that are well managed increase the value of your business in the following ways:

  • Investors and buyers gain confidence in value
  • Executives can rely on information for strategic decisions
  • Board meetings can be run and managed more effectively


All Stride clients receive a visual monthly financial report FREE that can be used for executive management, investor management and board reporting. The value of Stride as a partner is that we become your “accounting department” while also delivering actionable financial information. You get to stay hands off and spend more time consuming information rather than preparing it.