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Free Yourself to Work on Your Business

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Free Yourself to Work On Your Business: a Journey Into Unit Economics is designed to give business owners more control over the levers of the machine of their business.  The more insight you have into customer-level profitability, the more effective you will be in making decisions to improve your cash flow and profitability.
This eBook, available on Kindle, will walk you through some important calculations that you can tease out from your financial statements.  No, I don’t need you to become an accountant.  I need you to know the right questions to ask from the people around you that are managing your books.  
This eBook will provide you practical tools that you can put in place today to start asking and answering questions that will level up your leadership.  You built a great business.  Now stay in control of it.

What You Will Learn

You will get a number of takeaways from reading this book that will help be a more confident business leader!

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You will get perspectives on:

  • The importance of unit economics and key calculations
  • Figuring out your businesses “unit”
  • Why labor goes uncalculated and how to fix that
  • The importance of tracking time to managing your #1 cost of sale
  • Effective unit economic calculations for a recurring revenue business model
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This will have you asking:

  • Do I have the right expertise around me to help me answer these business questions?
  • What would I do if I had a better handle on unit economics?
  • How might I adapt my leadership style if I had ready access to this information?
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