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Want to Make the Most out of the ConnectWise IT Nation Conference?

Join me and my esteemed industry leaders who "dare to suck" as we discuss ways to maximize your time at the biggest MSP conference of the year and "fudcut" our way into the metaverse.

Marnie Stockman, CEO
Lifecycle Insights
Red Gradient Profile Photo Instagram Post
Kyle Christensen, Founder
K7 Leadership
Russell Benaroya, Co-Founder
Stride Services
Ray Orsini, Founder MSP Media
IT Nation Photos 2
Will Young,
Bering McKinley
IT Nation Photos 1
Tim Golden,
IT Nation Photos
Ky Tran, Chief Product Officer Vonahi Security
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Download the Top Icebreakers and Key Mantras to Make the Most out of The IT Nation!

Rapid Fire Introductions

Advice to Make the Most out of The IT Nation

Going to The IT Nation with Intention

Pre-Plan or Serendipity

What are you Curious to Explore at the Conference? 

How Might the Economic Environment Impact the Conference?

Effective Icebreaker Questions for Meeting People

Establish Your Mantra to The IT Nation

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