Hardesty, LLC

Hardesty LLC is one of the largest CFO partner networks in the United States. The Company was founded by Karl Hardesty in 2011, a pioneer in fractional senior leadership. Stride and Hardesty have collaborated across many clients to support the goals of a sound accounting base with innovative, forward looking strategy. Hardesty only invites top executives as its operating partners that have a diverse set of skills that can easily map to the needs of Stride clients.


Stride and Hardesty Partner to Provide Our Clients with Seamless Day 2 Day Accounting and Robust Strategic Finance Support

Optimize for the Goal with the Right Talent

When Hardesty and Stride partner on a relationship, we work together to make sure there is a good style and capability fit for the client. As we understand your business and financing goals, we will introduce the right senior level finance professional to the relationship. Whether you are a B2B SaaS company, going through a debt restructuring, or preparing for sale, Hardesty’s deep talent bench will meet your needs.

Maximizing Expertise and Maximize Your ROI

Great businesses know their swim lanes and we’re no different. Our objective is to give clients the foundational “heart beat” of their business so that experts like Hardesty can come in and help clients take the next steps forward in progress. The less work that Hardesty has to do looking backwards means the higher ROI for our clients. Because of our close partners, we know how to operate hand in hand with Hardesty and maximize their time and output.

Friday's Films Experience with Hardesty and Stride

“Having Hardesty and Stride collaborate to provide us with our bookkeeping and strategic services has been invaluable.  It has allowed Hardesty to spend more time helping us look ahead with the confidence that our books are accurate and timely.”

[person A — CEO, Friday’s Films]