Chapter 3-

Labor Efficiency

For Most Professional Service Businesses, Labor is the Elephant in the Room

In this FREE chapter download, we dive into a critically important aspect of your business and that is….labor.  For many of you, labor is your number one cost of sale but unfortunately, it doesn’t receive the level of analysis to assess how well that cost of sale is performing.  There are a lot of reasons for that but if you’re not managing it, you’re not going to improve it.

We will dive into some calculations around labor efficiency ratios (direct and management).   Direct labor is specifically tied to driving revenue whereas management-labor is considered overhead.

We will end the chapter by answering a business question around how much does a salesperson needs to perform based on hiring him/her at a particular salary level.


This chapter will provide perspectives on:

  1. The importance of understanding labor in a service-based business
  2. Methods for how to calculate labor efficiency
  3. How to start employing labor efficiency data to answer some important questions

Out of this chapter, I want you to be thinking about:

  1. Do I have the data from my financials set up in such a way to measure labor efficiency?
  2. How well do I really know the efficiency of my employees performing similar functions?
  3. If I had access to labor efficiency data, what kind of decisions might I be able to make?

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