Accountant Lead

Background on Maribelle

Accounting Background:  I am working for almost 26 years already in the field of accounting & management audit, 23 years in general accounting and 3 years in management audit. Prior of working with Stride: worked as accountant & head of accounting with local employers here in the Philippines, worked in Kabul Afghanistan for 2 years as internal audit manager, worked in USA California as accountant/bookkeeper for almost 6 months, and latest prior of Stride; worked as accountant with TOA (BPO) handling an Australian accounting firm.

My Accounting Superpower:  Accounts Reconciliation.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Make and honor commitments. Everyday I use this principle in Stride office by committing myself to deliver the best output that I can do to gain the clients trust and satisfaction to our service with them.

Where I Live: I live in Cainta Rizal; nearby cities of Antipolo and Pasig City

Nickname:  In the office they used to call me Mabelle but in my hometown they call me Abelle

Hobbies: Watching documentary stories and taking care my ornamental plants

Favorite Color: Blue because it’s my birth month color

Favorite Vacation Spot: My hometown in Bauang La Union because our ancestral house is near in the China sea; it’s a walking distance actually to the seashore

Stores I Like: Flea Market

Why I Work at Stride: Stride is very GENEROUS!!