Background on Michelle

Accounting Background:  30 years accounting experience. Most recent role was Director of Accounting Services at Sierra Pacific Group

My Accounting Superpower:  CW Accounting

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Harness the Wisdom of the Group – I feel collaboration is incredibly important as we individually don’t know everything/haven’t considered all aspects of a problem or solution and there is so much we have to learn from one another.

Where I Live: San Diego, CA

Nickname:  Accounting Ninja

Hobbies: Baking, staying active (hiking, biking, climbing, skating, running)

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Vacation Spot: Maui

Stores I Like: Amazon – such a huge time saver

Why I Work at Stride: So far I am loving the tools and organization as well as the open and honest approach to everything.