Bullpen Capital and Stride Partner to Support Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Bullpen Capital has founded over 100 companies over the past decade and they have stayed focus on one thing:  early growth investment for post seed stage companies that have found special product market fit but are overlooked for no good reason.  There are incredible entrepreneurs out there that have the perseverance to become market leaders but don’t fit into the latest Silicon Valley fad.  The investment team is made of a deep team of operators with disciplines ranging from engineeing to finance to data sciene, marketing and legal support.  Bullpen has also created an extensive advisory group (the “Fullpen”) to help broaden out their knowledge base and bring more expert insight into certain functional areas.  The Bullpen portfolio is robust and they are just getting started.


Stride is supporting the portfolio companies of Bullpen Capital with best in class back office bookkeeping / accounting support.

Stay in Your Genius Zone!

Stride’s commitment is to help its client CEO’s get and stay in their zone of genius (which is not back office bookkeeping/accounting).  “We want to train our clients in knowing how to ask great questions and having the data to get those questions answered,” says Stride co-founder, Russell Benaroya.  Stride was founded by serial entrepreneurs who have raised venture capital, built products, and achieved exits.  “We founded Stride to give CEO’s the trust and confidence that they have stability in their back office so they can put their energy toward innovation in growth and product.”  Today, Stride serves over 100 clients with a team of 40 employees throughout the United States.

Grounding Stories with Facts

Great companies being with a “why”.  At Stride, our purpose is to help people find their highest and best use, whatever that may be, by grounding story with fact.  What that means is that when we look at the infrastructure of how we are going to manage revenue, expenses, and payroll for a client, we ensure that our processes are designed to yield accurate, timely and efficient reporting.    “There are enough unknowns in building a start-up, your books should not be one of them,” says Russell.  Stride acts as a guide for its clients to set a stable foundation for growth.

“Stride has been an integral back office partner for us as we’ve built Brightside. They have worked with us to simplify complexity and support smarter business decisions, so our team and our investors have actionable insights for scaling the company.”

Brad Kittredge, CEO, Brightside Health (a Bullpen Portfolio Company)

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