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Time-Based Recruiting for IT MSP’s and Digital Agencies   

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Why Stride Talent?

Stride Talent was launched to help MSP’s and digital agencies build successful organizations.  Why those two?  Because they are both tech enabled service organizations that not only demand a high degree of efficiency, but also human effectiveness, in order to thrive.  Highly effective individuals in those environments must have a passion for learning and a desire to achieve their highest and best use. Our commitment is to build that bridge between organizations and human talent.  We do more than fill a position; we help businesses and individuals thrive.  

As a full-service recruiting firm, we’ll guide you from organizational strategy through employee onboarding.  We take a holistic approach to sourcing and evaluating talent not just for “what they do” but for how they function in order to be the most effective contributors to a team.   We get it.  As entrepreneurs, we have hired, and managed hundreds of people and we give our clients confidence that we understand what they are trying to achieve.  

Our expertise is placing manager and director level personnel in professional service environments across finance, sales, marketing and operations.

Why Time Based?

We believe that companies are looking for a partner that can run alongside them to help develop an organization of excellence.  Whether it is one person or a team, you only pay for the time it takes to find great talent.  Here are the benefits of a time based recruiting model:

  • Affordable – no commissions or retainers
  • Scalable – compensation not tied to number of hires
  • Flexible – only pay for what you need
  • Integrated – we are your recruiting team
  • Transparent – no misaligned incentives
  • Consultative –  strategic, not transactional  

Who We Are

Stride Talent is led by Russell Benaroya, a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Stride Services, executive coach, and author of One Life to Lead.  His passion is to help people design their lives.  His experience as a business owner contributes to a unique understanding of how to find the right connection between a client’s needs and the unique abilities and intentions of the candidates.

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Russell Benaroya

Roles We Recruit For

We will fill Full-time and Contract Positions

IT MSP Roles

  • Account Executive (Sales)
  • Growth / Marketing Manager
  • Support (Level 1-3)
  • IT Manager
  • IT Field Technician
  • Delivery / Operations Manager
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Software Developer
  • HR and Finance

Agency Roles

  • Account Manager
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery / Operations Manager
  • Developers (front and back-end / Junior to Senior level)
  • HR and Finance

Stride Talent Process


We start by understanding the role and what success looks like for the candidate who will own your desired results. We build an outreach strategy that targets the tactical, cultural, and personality traits you desire.


We blend our ability to tell your story of why this role matters with the expedient pursuit of individuals who map to your design. We manage the process as guides so you feel confident every step of the way.


Outcome does not stop at acceptance. We commit to ongoing support of the candidate and client during onboarding to ensure there is alignment in expectations and that all parties are in sync on the opportunity before them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a time based recruiter and charge by the hour for our services.  Some engagements take longer than others.  We are typically half as much (or less) than a traditional contingency or retained search engagement.

We serve many clients in digital marketing and MSP’s through our managed services and we understand their business models very well.  Our recruiter has over 15 years of agency recruiting experience and the principals of Stride have recruited for hundreds of individuals for their own businesses.
Digital agencies and MSP’s live and die based on efficiency (utilization) and effectiveness (client success).  People are the drivers of value, which requires that the recruiter has a clear understanding of organizational design, roles and responsibilities, and personality styles, in addition to the “job description”.  In other words, the elements of evaluation are complex but critical to reduce turnover which is high in these industries.
We can support clients from organizational design consulting to job descriptions, sourcing, screening, negotiating and onboarding.  Some clients want Stride Talent to own the outcome of a search. Some want Stride Talent to own outputs (certain elements of the search to augment their team).  We are flexible in how we support.
Grit.  We employ a number of techniques to proactively find candidates that meet your criteria.  You will find us selectively looking at your competition, complementary industries, proactive recruiting and job board evaluations.  What matters is that we do what it takes to get your role visibility in the channels where your candidates reside.
We can lead up to 6 searches simultaneously.
We manage our client relationships in Asana.  Jobs are posted on our website as well as LinkedIn.  We will post our jobs to relevant job boards and other platforms at an additional cost.
Timing often varies based on position.  We are currently averaging a minimum of 4-6 weeks and is dependent on a client adhering to the shared agreement of the process.
Stride can start a search as soon as a full intake is complete.  Get started today by clicking “Get Started” above or emailing us at hello@stride.services.

Check out our Latest Books

Check out our latest books written by Stride co-founder and author, Russell Benaroya.  He writes on business and life leadership and lives the purpose of why Stride exists — to help people with a thirst for learning to achieve their highest and best use.
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Learn how customer level detail will give you the power to make smarter business decisions!
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This is a book about leadership but not about how to lead others.  It is a book about how to lead yourself!