Stride Vista is Your Business Intelligence to Make Data Driven Decisions

You spent all this time and energy getting the right data into your financial statements, your spreadsheets and your time tracking. Now what? This data lives in all kinds of places.

Stride Vista brings your data together in a unified way to get a glanceable view of the key metrics that will help you run your business. You will have support from a strategic CFO who will work with you to translate data into an action plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to engage Stride for bookkeeping services in order to access Vista?Like many things, the answer is, “It depends”. We adhere to certain accounting standards in order to make sure the underlying financial data has integrity. If your current bookkeeping adheres to that, then we can create Vista on top of that data.
  2. What if I want to integrate a data source that is not one that you have experience with?We can build out a custom data integration into Vista for you. It is important that the service has an available API in order for us to extract the information.
  3. How much does Vista cost?The cost for Vista depends on the number of data integrations and the level of report customizations.  However, Vista begins at $750/month, including the monthly financial review with a Stride CFO Consultant.

Stride Vista is Your Command Center for Business Intelligence



Stride Vista is a dynamic business intelligence platform that brings in data from multiple systems to deliver actionable insights supported by a Stride CFO consultation. The benefits of Stride Vista include:

  • No more trying to join multiple data sources in a spreadsheet
  • Answer customer level profitability questions
  • Comparison of actual financials vs. forecast to see how you’re tracking
  • Reports to empower your team’s decision making
  • Rapid visualization exports for investors and banks
  • Seasoned consultant to review the data with you and build a plan


We will do an intake to understand your business goals, challenges and opportunities. We will then construct a series of business intelligence reports that best align with taking action. Stride Vista’s basic program integrates QuickBooks Online with fairly standard reporting. Stride Vista advanced will give you more integrations and customization.

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