Turning Point

Turning Point was founded by Alan Chaffee to fill a need in the middle market of providing elite level financial leadership typically reserved to largest corporations.  Today, Turning Point has a thriving Pacific Northwest practice with an expertise in turnarounds and workout situations as well as fractional CFO leadership.  We turn to Turning Point when a client has a “situation” they are trying to manage which typically includes some significant operational breakdowns or capital structure risk.


Stride and Turning Partner  Provide Our Clients with Seamless Bookkeeping/Accounting and Senior Level Strategic Financial Support

A Partner in Times of Uncertainty

There are no guarantees in building a business and when things don’t go as planned, the most important thing is to have….a revised plan.  Turning Poin is exceptional at working with company to come up with a strategic financial plan that will maximize cash and preserve opportunities.  Stride will maintain the books and work closely with Turning Point to manage cash outflows so that you can have confidence every dollar is being well managed.

Creating Options and Opportunities

Turning Point has a capital advisory service that supports companies in exploring strategic options that might entail a sale of the business or a division.  We call on Turning Point when the business value is less clear due to some factor(s) that has compromised performance.  The team at Turning Point will assess the operations of the business, determine value, and selectively go to market on your behalf.

PWRFL's Experience with Turning Point and Stride

“Bringing in Turning Point to our law firm helped us get a handle on our current processes and identified ways to significantly improve our systems at a much lower cost.”

Michael Wampold — Managing Attorney, PWRFL


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