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Join our network of experts where we cover your questions about employment, strategy, law, operations, compliance and back office for your high growth tech or services company.

Topics include: Raising Capital, Prioritizing Initiatives, Hiring, Entity Structuring, Accelerating Sales, M&A, Insurance and much more.

We limit our virtual office hours to less than 20 participants to allow for deep dialogue and Q/A with our experts.

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How to Run a Killer Offsite and Align Your Team Toward a Clear Strategy
3/6/19 @ 8:30am PST (60 mins)

MARCH KICKOFF VOH: How to Run a Killer Offsite - The Best Way to Align Your Team to Execute Your Vision
3/6/19 @8:30AM PT / 10:30AM CT - 60 minutes only.

Date: Wednesday Mar 13, 2019
Time: 8:30am PST/ 10:30am CST
Duration: 60 Minutes

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For CEO’s that want to work more on their business and less in their business, this Virtual Office Hours will give you the tools to run the most effective team offsite and align your team toward your vision.

The Strategic Offsite (I hate that name and will be changing it on the call) can be one of the most effective ways for CEO’s to control their life.  It is the time, when executed sell, that a team of people come together to prioritize the actions needed to execute a vision.  Of course, organizations whose back office is not in order sometimes have a difficult time getting intentional about looking ahead (short plug for using Stride here) but when a CEO/Founder can galvanize a group to move in an aligned, strategic direction, it’s magic.

Russell Benaroya, one of the Stride Partners and a serial entrepreneur, will show you the critical pieces to put in place to make your offsite successful for many months in execution.

Stride is a fully managed back office bookkeeping, accounting and HR services firm that uses data to help its clients drive strategic decision making.  When the back office backbone is in order, CEO’s sleep well at night and can focus on their critical priorities.  We care about moving business forward faster and that is our commitment to clients.

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Entity. Insurance. Contracts. - 3 Critical Tools for Business Risk Mitigation
1/23/19 @8:30AM PT / 10:30AM CT - 60 minutes only.

You started a business to make an impact and then you realize you have to do all these things to protect yourself from crippling exposure because now you have employees, contracts, partners, and more.  You can set yourself up to reduce this risk and move forward with confidence doing what you do best – running your business.  I am pleased to have Michelle Bomberger from Equinox Business Law hosting this VOH to talk about how you can use the tools of entity, insurance and contracts for the peace of mind that if the worst should happen, you’re covered.


Michelle Bomberger is CEO and Managing Attorney at Equinox Business Law Group Business Protection Risk Accounting Firm Outsource Stride Services

Kickstarting 2019 Sales -- Key Takeaways to Crush the First Quarter
1/8/19 @8:30AM PT / 10:30AM CT - 60 minutes only.

You know what they say, sales cures a lot of ills.  Sales (revenue) is the fuel for the business.  It is the validation that you are nailing it (solving a problem that someone is willing to pay for).  But sales just don’t happen on their own.  Sales is a rigorous discipline and it is a trade that can be learned.  We are bringing you the best to get some actionable insight to learn some key takeaways for sales success in 2019.  I am pleased to have Nitya Kirat from YOSD Consulting hosting this VOH to talk about actionable sales strategies that will kick off your 2019 on the right foot.


Business concept paper is on the desk with a cup of coffee and a calculator aside.

Contractors or Employees - Be Careful
12/19/18 @10:30 PT / 12:30 CT - 60 minutes only.

We have all been there.  We want the freedom of hiring contractors but they really need to be classified as employees.  There is risk.  Be aware and take the necessary actions so you have confidence that you are complying with regulations.  We are excited to welcome David Cook from Sovereign Legal Group, a premier small to mid-size legal firm that acts as a company’s legal counsel on an outsourced basis.   David is a pro and will lay out the rules and answer your specific situation.


The Impact of Tax Reform on My Bottom Line
12/12/18 @12:30 PT / 2:30 CT - 60 minutes only.

Yes, we pay taxes when we make money but there are smart ways to manage tax strategy. We want you to be smart and knowledge comes from information and awareness. So, we’re bringing the pros on the latest in tax reform to discuss and answer your questions on key aspects of the Trump Reform and how you can benefit from it. We are excited to welcome Scott Hoppe and Liz Estrada from Why Blu, a premier (and virtual) tax accounting firm to be available to you for the hour.