x2y Strategic Advisors

x2y Strategic Advisors was founded by Chris Bruno to support high growth companies with a level of strategic financial leadership to propel them to the next level. Chris has a combination of operating and senior-level financial leadership experience, allowing him to impact organizations across multiple functions. Stride has on Chris to support clients with their financial models on a project basis, including financial analysis of current performance and ongoing CFO level expertise. We introduced Chris in our client relationships because we know that working together can serve the needs of our clients whether they’re looking forward and looking backward.


Stride and x2y Partner to Provide Our Clients with Seamless Bookkeeping/Accounting and Strategic Financial Support

Know Your Levers and Put Them to the Test

When x2y and Stride partner to support our clients, it’s often centered around in-taking historical financial data and business case assumptions to create a highly interactive financial model. x2y will create a model that allows a client to ask the “what if?” questions about the future and the corresponding financial impact. If a company is looking to raise capital or to quickly test business ideas and measure those against their financial expectations, we bring Chris in. Having visibility of the key levers under a business leader’s control is crucial and Chris provides that.

An On-Demand Elite Financial Leader

Great businesses know their swimming lanes and we are no different. Our objective is to give clients a foundational heartbeat of their business so experts like Chris can come in and help them take the next forward steps in progress. Sometimes this is on an ongoing basis, while for others it is project-based and short-term. In either case, Chris arrives, quickly identifying and addressing the pain points, setting leaders on a clear path to profitable growth.

Oh MD's Experience with X2Y and Stride

Chris was great to work with and very helpful. He supported us in helping build up our financial model and determine strategic considerations for financing. I appreciate Stride helping coordinate to connect me with the right senior level individual to address the problem that I needed to solve at the time.

Ethan Bechtel, CEO, OhMD