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Great client relationships occur when both customer and vendor feel aligned. In a measurable sense, alignment is about scope and price. When those factors are off in a significant way, both parties ultimately suffer. If a client is significantly unprofitable, that is definitely an indication of a bigger issue that is simply not sustainable. 
When addressed early enough, there are opportunities for improvement. When addressed too late, the relationship may be ruined for good. So, in true Goldilocks fashion, we want a relationship that is “just right.” 
The Win4All ratio is a figure that provides an early alert that something is out of alignment. 
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How to use the Win-4-All to engage with your client in a data driven way for the purpose of staying in sync.

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How to non only calculate the Win-4-All but also how to embed it into your organization so that everyone is aware of it for each client.

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Ways to improve the Win-4-All to get into a more profitable customer engagement. 

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