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Grounding Stories with Facts

Stride provides timely, accurate and actionable bookkeeping, accounting, and strategic advisory services for professional services firms. When you have confidence in the facts, you’re free to focus on achieving your highest and best use.

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Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your books are done right every time.


Your Stride Pod means you have multiple people assigned to your account, all focused on ensuring accuracy and coverage. Your pod is made up of proactive people who pay attention to the details and care about your success.


Proper Workflow Design & Technology ensures you meet your vendor obligations, simplify collections and ensure timely reimbursements. The result: Your back-office runs smoother and faster.


Stride Right ensures transactions are categorized appropriately and that relevant lessons we learn across our client base are applied to your specific situation. The appropriate financial controls are always in place to protect you and your business.


Proactive people and a better process help you find your stride.


Proactive Advisors vs Passive Reporters: Your Stride team includes only people with a proactive mindset. We will determine when processes could be improved to reduce risk or cost. We also bring creativity and resources to help you resolve any problems we uncover.


Curated Technology Stack for the size and nature of your business. Whether it’s augmenting your existing technology solution or assembling it from scratch, we ensure you get the right solutions for efficiency and automation.


Reporting Based on your Unique Business gives you the correct lens to assess your company so you can make smarter decisions that move your business forward. We enter the appropriate transactions so your accrual-based financials reflect the true state of your business. We also provide you with financial statements and reports to give you actionable insight.

Stride Vista
Strategic Analytics and Advisory Services

Build your command center for confidence around your financial health.


Financial Operations Expertise. Through an elite team of financial operations consultants, we assess your goals and systems to get into the details of client level profitability.  We not only make the recommendations, but also execute the implementations.


A Clear Guide. We understand the critical importance of documented process, especially as we drill down into getting to the heart of the data that will help you improve cash flow and profitability.   We provide transparency so that you know where we are at every step with clear measurables.


Analytics and Advisor in One. We aren’t just consultants.  We are guides that provide insight and actionability based on data from your existing systems.  Through our proprietary analytics dashboards, you will have the control to see the “hot spots” and design an action plan based on facts.

We’re committed to ensuring that business owners with a thirst for continus improvement achieve their highest and best use.

Stride is a bookkeeping, accounting, and strategic advisory services firm providing outsourced services and analytics solutions for high growth professional service firms nationwide.

As serial entrepreneurs, we understand the empowerment that comes when you have confidence around your financial health.  Improving cash flow and profitability can happen when you turn that confidence into action.  We invest in accurate financial data and actionable insights so you can spend more time in your genius zone.

So we’ve made back-office services as efficient and seamless as possible. Because when it all just works, you’re free to focus on moving your business forward.

Stride is a 100% remote workforce company, capable of serving clients around the United States.

Over 100 clients rely on Stride

Whether you’re running a startup, SMB or large company, you can’t afford to let your back-office slow you down.

Savvy CEOs from every industry rely on Stride’s outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, HR and strategic advisory services to move their businesses forward.

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