Our Story. Setting the Pace.

Stride grew out of a powerful new partnership. That partnership is helping our clients achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The Stride Story began 15 years ago as Keeping Your Balance (KYB), an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting firm founded by Becky Brown.

Over the years, over 600 companies achieved peace of mind through their services and they built an incredible reputation for quality. But as the market evolved, so did the needs of KYB’s clients. As any successful business owner knows, when the market speaks, you listen.

Just as KYB was thinking about how to adapt to the changing market, she met her perfect match. She was approached by Raja Kapadia, Eric Page and Russell Benaroya, successful business owners from a variety of fields.

Although the trio had different backgrounds – investment banking, private equity, technology and operations – they shared the same passion. Like KYB, they believed that alleviating the burden of back office administration could give business owners a higher likelihood of being successful. They were looking for a business committed to helping business owners succeed. They found that in KYB.

They knew that leveraging new cloud innovations and using data smarter could help owners make better decisions. Helping business owners move forward faster became a rallying cry.

Stride Team

Today we are Stride.

This rebranding of KYB is more than a new look and new feel. It’s a physical representation of our common, underlying purpose:

helping business owners move their businesses forward….faster.

We now provide more capabilities around automation and data than clients have ever experienced. Expanded services include on demand CFO’s and Controller support, board preparation, financial planning and analysis, as well as capitalization strategy. When Stride is doing its job, our clients can more effectively do theirs.

We’re excited to run alongside you.

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