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Stride was founded with a desire to help our clients and our employees achieve their highest and best use. We are a team of entrepreneurs and finance professionals that blend the power of principles, partnership and data driven decision making to help service based leaders achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The Stride Story began 15 years ago and continues to evolve and adapt in order to role model for our clients how service based organizations can scale.

Over 600 companies have trusted their bookkeeping to Stride over the years. As we have grown, we have continued to test strategies to scale while adhering to a high degree of rigor and discipline for our clients. We realized that our clients wanted more redundancy, a team based approach. We saw that they didn’t just want their books closed, but wanted to make decisions using data. Our commitment is to adapt as the environment changes.

Today, our clients have a team at Stride with no single point of failure, access to CFO services for strategic planning, and a business intelligence platform called Stride Vista that helps answer the questions that service based organizations have around efficience and customer level profitability.

Our team is made of professionals with backgrounds in accounting, investment banking, private equity, technology, and operations. We are bound by a shared purpose to support our clients in achieving their highest and best use and embedding data into business decision making. More than ever, companies are looking for strategic back office partners that can leverage the cloud and execute remotely. Our culture is built on a steadfast set of principles that can be that partner with confidence.

Stride Team

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helping business owners achieve their highest and best use.

We are committed to continuous development of capabilities around automation and data driven decision making. Expanded services include on demand CFO’s and Controller support, board preparation, financial planning and analysis, as well as capitalization strategy. When Stride is doing its job, our clients can more effectively do theirs.

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