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Systems For Your Cloud Accounting Stack

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Systems For Your Cloud Accounting Stack

What accounting systems are helpful in your cloud accounting stack?  L et me rattle off a few ideas for you.

First is a cloud based general ledger like QuickBooks Online, not QuickBooks Desktop.  Let’s get your data into the cloud.  Let’s make it so that it’s easier to integrate that data with third party applications and also use that data more effectively for analytics.

Second is bill paying software.  I’m a big fan of It is definitely valuable when you have an outsourced partner and you want to build some approval rules into paying bills.

Thirds is expense reimbursement and that functionality might be resident inside your PSA. But if you’re not using that functionality, looking at a software like Expensify wouldn’t be a bad idea.

On the topic of payroll, a cloud based payroll provider, like Gusto, is really effective. They also integrate with medical benefits, 401K, workers comp commuter.  It’s pretty awesome.

Next we have business analytics.  At Stride, we have a piece of software called Stride Vista, where we run business intelligence, but there are a number of business intelligence tools out there.  Consider companies like MSP CFO, or Cognition360.

Obviously we have to talk about your PSA.   I don’t need to say too much about that. Although I would say that the discipline that you put into setting up that PSA matters to make sure the workflows are in service to more efficiency, and effectiveness.

One last area, I think it’s interesting to look at Gradient MSP and the work that they’re doing to help with license reconciliations to make sure that you’re not having a lot of leakage around software licenses that you’re provisioning that aren’t being billed out to clients.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of technology stack components. Obviously, we need a place to store files.  And I would say also some workflow software between yourself and the accounting partner so you have visibility into where things are at in the process. 

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