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Organizational Health Checklist


Have You Ever Wanted a Checklist to Gauge the Health of Your Organization?  Here it is!

We have so many checklists to know whether we are on track in life, but unfortunately, we don’t really have a checklist for the health of our business.  I am providing a worksheet to help business owners and entrepreneurs evaluate the health of their business along the variables that matter to setting up an organization to move forward faster.

Company Name:  ___________________           Date: __________________________

Your Personal Alignment Yes No
Am I clear on my desired life vision and do I sense how this business can take me there?
Am I clear on where I operate in my “zone” and do I have strategies in place to spend more time in it?
Am I clear on my personal goals for the coming year, quarter, and month?
Leadership Team Alignment Yes No
Do leadership team members understand and respect each other’s differences, styles, and priorities?
Are all leadership team members “walking the talk?” Have they each bought into the core ideology and strategy?
Does the leadership team meet off-site every few months for strategic thinking and long-range decision making?
Does the leadership team meet weekly for short-range tactical decision making and implementation tracking?
Are decisions made at the Leadership Team meetings written down and cascaded through the company?
Are KPIs and Targets being tracked weekly and monthly?
Is data presented graphically to help visualize trends?
Is the team having fun together?
Vision and Values Alignment Yes No
Are core ideologies defined and alive in the organization?
Are stories being shared of employees who represent the core ideologies in action?
Are core ideologies being included in the employee appraisal and recognition process?
Are employees who don’t adhere to the core ideology terminated?
Strategy Alignment Yes No
Have three to six key strategic priorities (“burning balls”) been written down and prioritized for the quarter?
Is a quarterly theme established that brings these key priorities alive?
Does every facet of the organization have a person assigned with accountability for ensuring that goals are met?
Is an updated organizational structure in place that supports the chosen growth strategy?
Is there a clear understanding of the firm’s market position that drives sales and marketing activities?
Is the brand promise clearly defined?
Are the core ideologies, priorities, market maps, numerical targets, and KPIs posted bigger than life?
Execution Alignment Yes No
Is a Monthly Dashboard report that tracks performance to plan shared with the company?
Are those who will be impacted downstream by a decision involved upstream in the decision-making process?
Are all employees in some kind of daily and weekly huddle?
Do huddles cascade from senior management to frontline or vice versa?
Can all employees report at any time what their productivity is and how it compares against goals?
Are weekly performance measures for each individual/team clearly displayed and reviewed?
Is there a systematic process for collecting employee and customer feedback and addressing issues/opportunities?
Are employees aligned into roles for which they’re a natural fit?
Is the company acknowledging and celebrating individual achievements and collective success?

If you are a CEO, a board member or an investor, you would benefit from having a good beat on this organizational checklist.  If you want to fill out and schedule time for a review, please email me at russell.benaroya@stride.services.com.


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