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Stride Launches CFO Discovery


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One of the problems I have with traditional fractional CFO engagements is that they tend to be vague for the client and for the CFO. Yes, there is a lot to do, but many business owners don’t know what to ask or they “think” they need CFO support but are unclear what that entails. Instead of diving in headfirst to start an engagement, we took a step back.

We said, “Rather than just jumping into an engagement, let’s get really clear on the client goals and assess their business across some key parameters to then make a recommendation of what is required.”

We call it CFO Discovery. CFO Discovery is a 10-hour consulting engagement where we will assess your business from the following points of view:

  1. strategic goals and objectives;
  2. core accounting processes;
  3. analytics and reporting; and
  4. controls.

From there, we will score the categories, identify gaps, and only then make a recommendation for how to support you.

We have found that structure to be much more of a win4all for both clients and Stride.

If you’re interested in learning more about CFO Discovery, please email Andy Stillman at Andrew.stillman@stride.services.

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