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Welcome to Stride!



It is such an amazing day, this 16th of November, 2018.  Today we are officially transitioning our company name and brand from Keeping Your Balance to Stride.  Sure, changing a name may not be the most monumental thing ever but it is charged with so much energy, meaning and enthusiasm that we are overflowing with excitement here.  Let me give you the quick 411.  You can read the more formal version here if you want.

Becky Brown started Keeping Your Balance in 2005 to help business owners manage their books, provide accounting services and be an administrative backbone so that entrepreneurs could do what they do best.  Like most businesses, growth was organic, one step at a time….deliver exceptional service and build.  The hundreds of clients over the years were more than just spreadsheets and debits and credits, but part of a big family.

Becky is a force and relentless in wanting to learn and grow and support clients as best as possible.  So when the partnership of Eric, Russell and Raja approached Becky to share a bigger vision of how to grow our service capability and our reach, she jumped in!  Today we are a team that is more committed than ever to supporting our customers by aligning with their business strategy to give them the confidence that at Stride, we got it!

Stride can set the pace.  Stride can run alongside our clients.  Stride can provide the outlook toward the destination.  We are driven to achieve more because our clients want to achieve more.  As they run faster, we too will run faster.

It is an exciting time for us because we are thrilled about what Stride can mean for our clients.  Thank you to all for the privilege of being able to serve.  Keeping Your Balance made some big moves over the years and today, Stride will set the pace for the next chapter of the journey!


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