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Your World 2023 – A Guide for Success!



Happy New Year friends. I took the time to put together a guide to help you reflect on 2022 and leap into 2023 with more purpose and vigor. The guide is called, Your World 2023, and you can download it by filling out the form below. It is a fillable .pdf and I highly recommend you do this with a friend, significant other or colleague(s). Here is what you will experience:

  1. Reflections on 2022: There were moments of celebration and periods of difficulty. Yes, you’re human. What were those for you? Each one was here to teach us something about ourselves and most of all, they were moments to better understand how we react in relation to that circumstance.
  2. Futurecasting 2023: The concept of futurecasting is to express the future as if it already occurred, as if you were recounting to a friend. Futurecasting using phrases like “I did” vs. “I will”. Share your futurecast with someone close to you and have them ask you questions and probe the details. The more real it becomes for you, the more within grasp your accomplishments will be.
  3. Defining Your Crux: This is a strategy exercise inspired by a book called The Crux, by a business school professor, Richard Rumelt. What I like so much about the Crux (as I wrote about in a past Intersections newsletter) is that it focuses on the challenge in front of you, keeping you and your team focused.
  4. Maximizing Your Genius Zone: Your Genius Zone is that place inside of you when you are operating at a high level of energy because you’re doing not only what you enjoy but also where you create value. Step 1 is acknowledging that you have a genius zone (we all do) and step 2 is finding ways to spend more time in it.

Through all of my writings and podcasts this year, it was important to me that you felt supported in the personal and professional journey that you are on. It’s not about Stride’s back-office services. It’s not about what we can do for you. It’s about embracing your thirst for continuous improvement to achieve your highest and best use. It is why we are here.

To those driving into 2023 with a continued thirst for learning, “Stride On!”


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