Board Pack Reporting for High Growth B2B Organizations


The Challenge with Board Packs:

CEO’s waste countless hours putting together a quality board pack because

  • data comes from multiple sources
  • Excel is error prone & time consuming to format
  • in-house resources unable to analyze financial data
  • automated software tools don’t ensure data quality
  • uncertainty over which metrics are most relevant

Boards and investors are dissatisfied because CEO board packs

  • fail to highlight where there is “smoke” in the business
  • come across as “sanitized” presentations
  • are inconsistent: every month the deck has a new orientation
  • lack data driven reporting to drive strategic discussions
  • divert CEO time from building business

Our Board Pack Reporting Solution is Designed to:

Free up CEO time
Focus on the metrics that matter
Identify trends and hot spots for discussion
Promote strategic decisions based on data

Stride creates consistent Board Pack Reports leveraging multiple data sources.

We also give CEO’s the ability to add their own text and insights to the slides.

CEO or Finance narrative goes here

Board Pack Outputs

Our comprehensive Board Pack reports include 6 core sections. We customize the slides under each section to showcase the most relevant metrics for your company.

Historical Financials


Cash Flow

Recurring Revenue

Labor Efficiency

Sales Pipeline

CEO’s Leveraging Strides Board Pack Reporting Service

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