Studio B Films is a video production company that has perfected the art of storytelling over 20 years.

Studio B Films is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

David Collier is the Founder and CEO of Studio B Films and has been a longtime entrepreneur and managed through many cycles. He’s durable! But over time, his back office bookkeeping was becoming less so. He wanted to have more confidence that there was a team of people on top of his books and trust that things were getting done right and on time. He didn’t want to bear the expense of hiring in-house (he runs a lean and agile team) so he sought a solution on an outsourced basis.

Delivering a Breath of Fresh Air -- A Team Approach to Reduce any Single Point of Failure

What did we do?
Studio B Films selected Stride to fully manage their day to day accounting needs including:
  • Manage invoicing and expenses
  • Deliver accurate and timely financial reports
  • Managing bill payments
  • Implementing a 100% paperless solution
  • Processing payroll
Today’s result

David said it perfectly. “I really liked the idea of having a team approach vs. relying on a single individual.  Stride has done a great job holding my hand and being a good guide through every step of the onboarding process.  I love that you use Asana to manage workflows which significantly increases transparency.  Your clear communication is a breath of fresh air.”

Today, David is part of the Stride family.  We have achieved his desire to have a more institutional partner and now, more than ever, he can stay focused on the business of helping companies tell their stories.  We’re grateful to be a part of his.  Thank you David…and Studio B Films.

Helping Implement Redundant, Team Based Processes to Instill Trust and Confidence so Owners can Stay Focused on their Genius Zones.

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