Acta Non Verba creates spaces that are welcoming, inspiring, and engaging. It's not about projects. It's about client success.

Acta Non Verba is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Doug and Katie, the founders of Acta Non Verba knew there was a better way. They founded the Company to listen to their clients, to create experiences, not just projects. Today, whether they are re-designing the San Francisco Airport or a local restaurant, they bring over 50 years of experience to their work. The standard is high as millions of people will interact with their designs and implementations over many years. As such, there is little room for distraction.

Katie knew that in order to stay focused and deliver on their client promises, she would need to find a partner that could take on a range of services from invoicing to HR onboarding, compliance and reporting. Trying to hire for that in a single person is like finding a unicorn. To change the way that spaces connect to people requires a committment to listening and learning what’s happening out in the world, not the back office.

Find out how Stride can provide a one stop shop for back office bookkeeping, accounting and HR.

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No, I’d rather spend time on bookkeeping and HR than creating an amazing customer experience

Bringing a Comprehensive One Stop Shop Solution

What did we do?
Acta Non Verba selected Stride to fully manage their accounting and HR stack to take on the following:


  • Manage invoicing and expenses
  • Deliver accurate and timely financial reports
  • Onboard new employees, administer payroll and compliance
  • Be a sounding board for process best practices in time tracking and project management
Today’s result

Acta Non Verba has a full service accounting and HR department with Stride. There is a team in place that provides comprehensive oversight of functions that would not be cost justified hiring full-time and in-house. Stride is not only closing the books but also providing visual reporting that is pretty valuable to creative leaders who want to see the trends clearly without having to dig into the details (yes, they can do that too). As Acta Non Verba grows, Stride will run alongside them and make sure that as they scale their operations and take on more amazing projects, that they can stay financially strong and confident. We feel the responsibility to support Acta Non Verba in focusing on re-imagining spaces for their clients. This is what a partnership looks like.

Helping a Creative Architecture and Interior Design Firm Put Energy Into Projects, Not the Back Office.

Fill out the form if you are looking for partner with full stack capabilities that can support all levels of back office bookkeeping, accounting and HR needs, from capturing and classifying the right data, to processing payroll and onboarding employees.