Brandfuse helps brands successfully promote with a wide range of customizable products for every niche and industry.

Brandfuse is a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Brandfuse was founded by Jason Walker to change the way that promotional products are purchased online. While the industry is enormous ($23 billion), it is highly, highly fragmented and the buying experience for individuals and businesses is still very archaic. The good news is that Jason saw opportunity. The reality is that promotional products is a low margin industry that demands firms operate efficiently and cost effectively.

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What did we do?

Stride came into Brandfuse to take over the bookkeeping and take Jason out of the day/day of managing the back end of transaction order management.  We brought a dedicated Accouning Lead and a supporting Client Success Manager to oversee process.  We designed our work to be flexible with Jason’s budget but also make sure that we weren’t going to cut corners just to save him a few dollars.  Because the business operates on a lower margin, we wanted to ensure that data entering the system would require as little manual intervention as possible.

Today’s result

“Today I’m not even sure if I’m running my Company or Stride is,” says Jason.  “They give me peace of mind knowing that I have a second (better) set of eyes on my finances.”  Stride has increasingly taken on more responsibilities for Brandfuse’s back office as Jason has gained the trust and confidence that we have him covered. Trust and confidence is very important to Jason.  He say, “I am surprised and delighted each and every time we have any sort of interaction, and thankful that they have taken some of the most difficult parts of running a company and streamlined them for me.  It frees up so much time to focus on running the business!”


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