Fathom Law is a modern business and technology law firm delivering expert legal guidance fully aligned with their clients’ business strategies.

Fathom Law is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Eric Ferraro, the founders of Fathom Law wanted a service that would take the back office hassle of his plate, both the process and the personnel. Fathom Law commits its senior attorney’s to laser focus on tech client needs from financings to IP, litigation and M&A. There is little time for back office distractions but law firms like Fathom have to manage a lot of back office elements like time tracking, invoicing, collections, and compensation.

Eric didn’t want to hire in-house and hope that it would “work out” with that person. Having a single point of failure creates risk, as does the risk of hiring the wrong person.

“The reason we work with Stride is to have institutional stability.” – Eric Ferraro, Founder and Managing Attorney

Find out how Stride can provide your law firm with a one stop back office for bookkeeping, accounting and HR.

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No, I’d rather spend time on bookkeeping and HR than creating an amazing customer experience

Keeping the Back Office Engine Running

What did we do?
Fathom selected Stride to fully manage their bookkeeping and accounting stack to take on the following:

  • Manage invoicing and expenses
  • Match invoices to payments and reconciling in QuickBooks
  • Enable attorney payments based on cash collections
  • Administer payroll and compliance
Today’s result

Fathom has a full service bookkeeping and accounting department with Stride.   We have worked as partners to refine and improve process and we continue to do that today.  Both Fathom and Stride share a commitment to client success.  Stride is not only closing the books but also providing the data and reporting to make sure attorney compensation is properly calculated and aligned.  As Fathom grows, Stride will work as a partner to seamlessly onboard new attorney’s so that Fathom can stay focused on strategic excellence for its clients.  We feel the responsibility to support Fathom so they can invest their energy in the entrepreneurs who are changing the world. This is what a partnership looks like.

Helping a Leading Silicon Valley Law Firm Serve its Clients, Not its Back Office.

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