FYV is changing the way that millions of people find and finance childcare

Fyv is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Fyv came to Stride because they wanted to be proactive in getting their back-office organized in advance of their upcoming seed funding. They realized their energy needed to be focused on finding the right investment partners and customers, and not on setting up payroll, bill payment, and chart of accounts. When investors are ready to commit to Fyv, the back office structure will be in place and all company energy will be focused on growth.

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No, I’d rather spend time on bookkeeping than closing my financing round

Supporting Promising Start-ups with Professional Back Office Support

What did we do?

Stride has built a team to support Fyv in its next chapter. When we identify early-stage companies with promise, we commit to them.  Even though Fyv is in an early development stage, our approach still includes our standards of process rigor and discipline. Fyv has a committed Accounting Lead and Client Success Manager at Stride, dedicated to setting up and managing their books and payroll.

At Stride, we opportunity in our genius zones while Fyv founders, Reema and Adam, stay in their own to grow an exciting business. We are grateful to be working with them.

Today’s Result?

In mid-August, Fyv announced itself to the world with a commitment to advancing innovation in early childhood education.  The Stride team is implementing their back office systems and will be fully deployed in September.  Focus for Fyv will be on nailing its financing and early customer traction, not on its bookkeeping.

Helping an Early Stage Start-Up Stay Focused on The Critical Few Priorities While Stride Minds the Back Office.

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