Health Rosetta unlocks transparency in healthcare to save $1 trillion for employers and improve quality. They are a game changer!

Health Rosetta is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Health Rosetta is more than a company. It is a movement that connects employers and brokers in a highly transparent environment where cost AND quality of care for employees is priority and where “behind the scenes” commissions are eliminated. The Company is growing quickly in building out its accredited broker network and launching software tools and they needed a partner that could bring some structure to their bookkeeping/accounting that the Founders had been doing. At a certain point, the founding team knew their time was better spent on growing equity value, not back office. They wanted to think different about operating in their genius zone.

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No, I’d rather spend time on bookkeeping than driving new sales

Bringing Process to Streamline Operations

What did we do?
Health Rosetta selected Stride to fully manage their accounting stack to take on the following:
  • Review and revise business processes to make them paperless and reliable
  • Bring accounting records up to date and timely
  • Produce monthly financial statements for review with management team
  • Set up and administer payroll and compliance as they grow their team
Today’s result
Health Rosetta’s Head of Operations now has an accounting department with Stride.  They can spend more time focused on their customer experience and less time on back office distraction.  The impact that Health Rosetta wants to make in the market is BOLD and at Stride, we understand how to clear the back office path for them to focus by:
  • Delivering reliable and transparent reporting
  • Shoring up historical data to avoid any lingering questions
  • Providing a responsive team based approach without any single point of failure
  • Ensuring that as the Company scales, that we we can meet their increasing needs to support them with Board Reporting, CFO Service and forecasting and cash flow analysis.

Helping a Game Changing Company Focus its Precious Time on Improving Healthcare, Not the Back Office.

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