IGW is a visual marketing agency working to help improve the way businesses visually communicate their message to the world with magnetic storytelling.

IGW is a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Transcript from Justin Beegel, CEO and Founder — The problem is that I lost a key employee and it left me with a gaping hole on the financial side of things for the company. I was genuinely terrified how I was going to work through it. After interviewing a few companies, Stride included, it was a no brainer to me. I was actually surprised at how reasonably priced Stride’s services were, considering how much they were going to be doing. It wasn’t pricing that made my ultimate decision, however. I had a vast list of needs, ranging from bookkeeping, to A/R, A/P, general accounting organization, cashflow planning, and many other items. Stride managed to check off every single important box, and there was such attention to detail.

Also having a team assigned to me, where there would first be a very methodical integration and setup to work towards being “Stride Clean” was very comforting. I felt that we had a lot of room for improvement when it came to systems, simply because it was 1 person wearing too many hats. Having a team that did this for a living would allow us to leverage their experience and be able to work in efficiencies that we likely had never even thought of.

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What did we do?
Stride undertook a thorough cleaning process to help IGW achieve “Stride Clean.”  In doing so, we created a much more efficient process for paying vendors, an incredibly well organized chart of accounts, clear policies and processes for expense management, organized A/P, and a handful of other items.  The intention was not just to keep things afloat, but to help IGW be more organized and efficient than we ever were before.


Today’s result
IGW is Stride Clean.  Its processes are firmly in place.  There is a team surrounding Justin, the CEO and a high degree of confidence to move forward.  Most important, Stride is positioned as a partner in business scaling and can focus on making the business more and more efficient and process driven.

Applying Stride’s Process and Team Expertise to Provide Trust and Confidence to a High Growth Marketing Agency.

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