Mosio digitally supports health and clinical research stakeholders by maximizing the power of mobile devices.

Mosio is a Stride Digital Health client.

What was the problem?

Mosio┬áco-founder Noel, and his partner Jay, are experienced entrepreneurs that were building an angel-funded digital health technology business, so they had to run lean and mean. They wanted a partner that could “run in the background” and take care of their bookkeeping and HR so they could focus their limited resources on growing the business. And grown it they have! Today, Mosio is one of the leading mobile messaging applications for clinical trials.

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Stacking Technology to Stimulate Innovation

What did we do?
We put a technology stack in place that all talked together so multiple points of data entry were unnecessary. From general ledger to payroll to expense reimbursement and invoice management, everything just worked. With that, we layered the Stride team-based approach for our clients that gave Mosio confidence that someone was always minding the store.


Today’s result
Mosio is innovating. They launched a blockchain offering last year, continuing their momentum as a mobile messaging leader in the clinical research industry. They still run lean and mean, fielding interest from customers and investors all the time. Stride continues to “just work” for the Mosio team, giving them more time to speed up their pace!

Applying Stride’s Process and Technology Expertise to Focus Digital Health Entrepreneurs on Growth.

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