This premier Silicon Valley executive coaching firm supports some of the most important start-ups in the world.

They are a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Silicon Valley Coaching Company is like many companies that have a recurring revenue service, where metrics like MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and churn are critical to understanding for business success.  Silicon Valley Coaching Company was looking for a partner with both accounting and technology experience to unlock its data to present information that would be more actionable and insightful for the Company.

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Unlocking Data to Get Better Business Insight

What did we do?
We connected up their QuickBooks accounting file to a data warehouse and visualization capability and mapped the reporting requirements that would give them a valuable lens into client and coach variability.


Today’s result
With a high level of transparency today, Silicon Valley Coaching Company is not only able to ask the important questions for its business, but start seeing the impact of their strategic decisions.

Applying Stride’s Accounting Analytic Reporting to Visualize Variation

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