Peak Money is revolutionizing the way that people save money by helping them reach their goals in a way that is sustainable, fun, and promotes overall well-being

Peak Money is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Jay and Jason, CEO and COO, respectively of Peak Money wanted to put all of their energy into building a new app but were stuck managing some legacy bookkeeping and accounting partners that were taking away from the focus of the core team. They were looking for someone that could come in, streamline process, implement new systems, and position the company with the most solid back office infrastructure for growth and capitalization.

Find out how Stride can provide a comprehensive back office bookkeeping and accounting solution for technology start-ups.

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No, I’d rather spend time on bookkeeping than creating an amazing technology

Delivering Confidence and Trust to Start-up Technology Teams

What did we do?

We worked in partnership with the Peak Money leadership team to consolidate the back office into a single provider (Stride) and implemented a series of processes and systems that could be managed 100% paperless. We increased transparency for financial reporting, payroll and expense management so that the CEO and COO had a strong handle (and strong confidence) on these levers during a critical phase.

Today’s result

Today, Peak Money is transforming how people save money around the United States. They are not only able to focus on their core purpose, they are able to pitch investors with confidence that as they continue to grow, their back office systems will scale. In a world of limited time and capacity, that marginal room for focus will make a difference. Peak Money realized that and our partnership is growing.

Giving Start-up Technology Companies the Ability to Laser Focus on a Great Consumer Experience Without Worrying About the Back Office.

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