PIVOT connects the biggest names in sports and sports properties to brands that want to amplify their role in the lives of fans worldwide.

PIVOT is a Stride client.

What was the problem?

PIVOT was founded by Ben Shapiro in 2013 to build powerful bridges between sports properties and brands. But in order to grow they knew they needed an financial accounting structure that could grow with them. Like many companies, as they grew, their back office processes began breaking down, accounting records lacked reliability, and they did not have actionable management information available for objective decision-making.

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Bringing a Team Approach to a Multi-Faceted Problem

What did we do?
PIVOT selected Stride to fully manage their accounting stack to take on the following:


  • Review and revise business processes to make them reliable and consistent.
  • Bring accounting records up to date and make them GAAP compliant
  • Produce monthly financial statements for review with management team
  • Introduce a fractional CFO for governance and performance management
Today’s result
PIVOT has the confidence that they can keep driving revenue knowing that we have their back office secure by doing the following:


  • Reliable and transparent transaction processing
  • Up to date monthly financial statements to allow management to monitor business performance
  • Integrated forecast (Income Statement, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet) to improve strategic planning
  • New management information reports to improve insight decision making based on actual performance versus forecast

Inserting Stride Accounting Experience From System Set-up Through Strategy.

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