Perspective Pharmacovigilance is a consulting firm that supports small to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies in oncology to help them better protect patients.

Perspective Pharmacovigilance is also a Stride CFO Services client.

What was the problem?

Bethany Van Veen is an icon in her industry and the founder of Perspective Pharmacovigilance, a boutique consulting firm based in Northern California. PPV is known for assembling the most competent consultants that support pharmaceutical companies in navigating pharmacovigilance, a critical function for improved patient safety. The Company is growing fast and they wanted a full stack accounting and strategic finance partner to not only help them put in good processes that could scale, but also to use their data to make better business decisions.

Find out how Stride can provide a one stop shop for back office bookkeeping, accounting and CFO Services.

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No, I’d rather spend time on back office accounting than focusing on my highest and best use.

Unlocking Data to Make Better Business Decisions

What did we do?
PPV selected Stride to provide day to day bookkeeping, accounting and strategic CFO business intelligence analytics to identify opportunities to measure and improve profitability by doing the following:


  • Implement day to day accounting processes to ensure the day to day machine would function and scale efficiently
  • Implement Stride Vista, Stride’s business intelligence solution
  • Model financial cash flow forecasts to manage working capital required for growth
  • Normalize and analyze consulting data to evaluate utilization, consultant and client level profitability
  • Set goals for operating performane consistent with industry best practices
  • Document observations and provide monthly strategic review and guidance
Today’s result

PPV not only has an accounting team but also has a strategic analytics and CFO guide with Stride. The Company is scaling quickly and needs a pulse on its inflows and outflows to manage day to day while also anticipating future requirements.  Most important, the leadership has a pulse on customer level profitability and can now start to look at ways to optimize those client engagements to improve cash flow.  As PPV continues to grow and assess their strategic objectives, Stride will run alongside them and make sure that as they scale their operations, they can make decisions with confidence. This is what a partnership looks like.

Helping a professional services consulting firm scale growth and also get control over the levers that impact profitability.

Let us know if you are looking for partner that can help you embed data into your business decision making with confidence.