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Streetlight Data is a Stride client.

What was the problem?

When Matt Orfuss joined as the first VP of Finance, the organization was using two vendors, one for HR/Payroll and one for Bookkeeping/Accounting. They didn’t talk to each other, were not coordinated and had different processes. Matt was looking for a single back office HR Services and Accounting Solution that would be efficient for him and the Company employees.

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Bringing a Single Vendor Solution to Streamline the Back Office

What did we do?
Streetlight was using various cloud applications for expense reimbursement and bill pay but the systems weren’t optimized to flow through the general ledger automatically.  We solved that.  We also coordinate the data flow between the Human Resource Information System and the accounting system (QuickBooks) so that data did not have to be entered multiple times.


Today’s result
Streetlight Data has raised over $30MM but has an incredibly lean internal team.  Combining the back office accounting and HR services under a single umbrella vendor created a win for Matt and for the organization.    All back office systems report into a single reporting application and Stride has enabled employee access to systems that keep them informed about employee and benefits related matters.

“Stride took a lot of pressure off of me because they manage accounting, reimbursement, payroll, vacation tracking, and more. It’s like night and day for us. We are in a better position to take on growth.”

– Matt Orfuss, VP Finance, Streetlight Data

Running Faster and Leaner with a Single Vendor Partner.

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