Wildwood Express provides flat bed transportation solutions in Central California for farmers to get product to market.

Wildwood Express is also a Stride client.

What was the problem?

Mark Woods is the CEO of Wildwood Express and knew there was a better way to manage the back office. They had a full time individual in-house who was managing bookkeeping/accounting but this was a company whose passion was transportation, not T-accounts. The effort to find, train, and retain a single individual was not effective while the cost was high and the results not ideal. Mark wanted a solution that was current day, tech forward, and focused on delivering results.

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No, I’d rather spend more money on in-house bookkeeping than leveraging experts that have served hundreds of clients.

Delivering High Efficiency Bookkeeping and Accounting...and Confidence

What did we do?
Wildwood Express selected Stride to fully manage their day to day accounting needs including:
  • Manage invoicing and expenses
  • Deliver accurate and timely financial reports
  • Managing bill payments
  • Implementing a 100% paperless solution
  • Processing payroll
Today’s result

As Mark says, “Stride makes me a better leader”.  Before Stride, there were stacks of paper everywhere.  Today, he pulls up his bank and bill information on his phone.  He chooses what he wants to pay and when.  He has consistent access to his accounting lead and knows they are supported by a team of people.  Stride has given Mark more room to move as a leader and more flexibility than if he had someone in-house.  “Some in-house needs to be managed more closely.  With Stride, you lay out and commit to the processes and that’s what we follow,” says Mark.

Today, Mark has a leaner organization and one that has better back office processes in place than before.  As Wildwood grows, we will scale with the organization and make sure that he continues to be supported in order to help farmers bring product to market for the benefit of millions of consumers.    Thank you Mark…and Wildwood.

Helping Reduce Overhead and Move from In-House Accounting to an Outsourced Solution with Better Results.

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