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Zen Compound is a Stride client

What was the problem?

Zen Compound is three businesses in one with each business line needing to generate its own standalone revenue and profitability. The problem was that Zen Compound didn’t have detailed insight into their businesses performance, and with their fast growth, they wanted to use their data to make strategic growth decisions.

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Breaking Out Division Level Performance While Applying Financial Analysis and Coaching

What did we do?
Once we separated the financial performance between the three entities, we had a better view of their foundation. We then deployed our Financial Planning & Analysis expert to dig into the details, drawing out insights and trends for the Zen Compound CEO. We provided the CEO with a coach to help orient him and the company toward critical success factors for growth.


Today’s result
Zen Compound is generating record revenue as they’re now able to better delegate financial responsibility to respective business line operators.  The financials are better understood, supporting the CEO in making disciplined strategic decisions with the support of a coach, helping to maintain a focus on critical priorities to meet their next milestone.

Combining Accounting Expertise with Analysis and Growth Coaching to Focus on Moving Forward Faster.

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