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Matt Kerrigan

Stride CFO Consulting Advisor
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Experienced As:

CFO Consultant, Consultant, Business Manager, Senior Finance Manager, Plant Controller


Expertise Includes:

Before Stride's CFO Advisory Services, I didn't fully understand what our numbers were telling us. Now we're no longer scared to take action, because our CFO Consultant Matt Kerrigan helps us weigh the financial risk and reward.

Matt helped us build a forecast model for the year to understand how our sales pipeline, booked business, and cash on hand play out against our COGS and operating expenses. Hiring is based on data rather than gut feeling.

In monthly calls we review the prior month, quarterly trends and future projections. Matt also validates our thinking, alleviates random worries, focuses our attention where it needs to be, and contrasts our numbers with baselines for our industry. It's invaluable (and an incredible relief!) to truly trust in the information we're getting and have an expert financial guide in growing our business.

Matt is a strategically focused individual with over 20 years of finance and accounting experience. He have demonstrated the proven ability to collaborate and influence cross-functional team members to deliver strong business performance through fact-based analytics.

He is originally from Canada where he obtained his CPA accounting designation. He has worked for major corporations such as Masco, BlackBerry and Johnson & Johnson in increasing levels of responsibility within Finance.   He has spent the last three years partnering with small and medium-sized business to meet their financial goals.

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