Accounting and Bookkeeping for Digital Marketing Agencies

Stride is your fully managed outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services solution for digital marketing service providers. We help owners achieve freedom by harnessing data for better business decision making.​

We’re committed to ensuring that digital marketing entrepreneurs never lose sleep over their back office and focus on accelerating their path to market.

Stride provides timely, accurate and actionable bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services for digital marketing leaders. When you have confidence in the facts, you’re free to focus on achieving your highest and best use.

Improve customer-level profitability and cash flow with our proven data analytics.

Stride is your day-to-day accounting team. We support the complexity of digital marketing invoicing workflows, automate with QuickBooks Online, help you standardize, reduce errors and build out strategic reporting for better decision making. Get command over customer level-profitability to focus on improved performance.

Back Office Solutions for your Digital Marketing Agency


You have big ideas to focus on. Free yourself to work on your business.
Team: A Team Led by Experts. This means you have multiple people assigned to your account, all focused on ensuring accuracy and coverage. Your pod is made up of a point Partner with relevant accounting experience for your business, and supported by a team that pays attention to the detail.
Process: Standardize the Process. Through standardization, we gain automation and automation greatly reduces the rate of error. We utilize a process management system so you see where everything stands, what is coming up, what is ahead of schedule or behind. You are never in the dark.
Technology: Technology Tailored for Digital Marketing. We have built an expertise in revenue process optimization, the act of gathering data and automating flows so that customers get invoiced quickly and accurately. We know how digital marketing firms work and the complexity of agreements that exist. We make the financial backbone simple by emphasizing automation and data analytics that unlock actionable insights and drive profitability.
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Get command over customer level profitability to focus on improved performance.
Team: Your Financial Advisors. Accounting is about producing accurate reports that can be interpreted and acted upon. Having served many digital marketing agencies, we know how your organization’s cost structure should look given your revenue metrics. We’ll let you know and ask the hard questions. We don’t just deliver reports.
Process: Through standardization, you can afford automation. We do the work up front to put a process design in place that will reduce variability and error rates. We consistently stay in-sync through communication and transparency.
Technology: Technology that Delivers Reports to Make Better Decisions. You’ll see improved customer level profitability, utilization and cash flow.

Advisory Services

Work with experts that get your business and who will create equity value.
Team: We are tech-centric. Our CFO team leverages your accounting data and uses that to drive forecasting that will help you challenge and set ambitious goals. We are a team of likeminded individuals who value process, metrics and efficiency.
Process: Orchestrate your financials to scale your business. As digital marketing firms grow, the need for operational efficiency becomes more prominent. We’re built to enable growth with our CFO solutions that allow you to scale into new markets and services with confidence. We have documented methods to address your current objectives.
Technology: Higher Margin. Higher Value Service. We are more than bookkeeping. We provide business intelligence. Stride Vista is your business intelligence to make data driven decisions. We integrate through your financial ledger, time tracking and forecast spreadsheets to make the financial backbone simple and identify ways to maximize your data.

Over 100 clients rely on Stride

Driving digital marketing agency growth demands extreme focus which means outsourcing all non-core activities like your back-office
Savvy digital marketing owners recognize the power of Stride’s outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, and Advisory services
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I finally have a handle on the levers of the business all the time. Now, the metrics that we operate by are easily accessible to not only make smarter business decisions but also provide insight for my team to move smarter…and faster.

Shirin Oreizy | CEO, Next Step