The One-Page Strategic Plan for Digital Health Startups

Don’t Finish January 2019 Without Tackling this One-Page Strategic Plan

This simple one-page strategic plan is designed specifically for digital health startups and will keep you focused on the right priorities in the coming year.

Building a healthcare business is hard but what needs to be easy to understand by everyone is what the company is doing and why. You don’t need a voluminous business plan. What you need is an easy to understand view that all employees can understand and act on.

The result of decades of experimentation by serial healthcare entrepreneurs, this One-Page Strategic Plan focuses only on the structures and formats that have the most impact on moving your healthcare startup forward.

This one-page plan will allow you to:

  1. Define what success looks like in 2019 for your healthcare startup
  2. Establish a theme for all employees to rally around
  3. Set priorities using Critical Success Factors
  4. Face the question of what you will stop doing
  5. Set clear financial targets
  6. Identify the cultural principles that you will embrace

In addition, the plan will help you determine:

  1. Owners: What role should own each critical success factor?
  2. Timing: How much time should each priority take and when should it be completed by?
  3. Tracking Success: How do you measure and track progress for each critical success factor?
  4. Reporting to Your Board: How you can use this to report outcomes to your board?
  5. Celebrating Wins: Most effective way to celebrate wins with your team.

About Stride:

Stride is an outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and HR services firm founded by healthcare entrepreneurs for digital health startups. Our clients include digital health startups that range from pre-revenue to scaling and who are servicing customers across the payer/provider/employer sepctrum.

We’re committed to ensuring that digital health entrepreneurs never lose sleep over their back office and focus on accelerating their path to market.

As serial healthcare entrepreneurs, we understand the peace of mind that comes from knowing your books are done right, every time. We know the back office is distracting and there is simply no space to be focused on anything other than accelerating time to market and scaling. We know the value of being able to turn financial data into actionable insights so you can plot the course for your company’s future with confidence.

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Becky Brown

Becky Brown

Becky Brown



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