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Stride provides timely, accurate and actionable bookkeeping and accounting, HR administration, and strategic advisory services. When it all just works, you’re free to focus on improving the health of millions.  Sounds like a fair trade.

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Back Office Solutions for Digital Health Businesses


Digital health companies have big ideas to focus on. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your books are done right every time.


A Team Led by Healthcare Experts.  This means you have multiple people assigned to your account, all focused on ensuring accuracy and coverage. Your pod is made up of a point Partner with relevant healthcare experience, and supported by a team that pays attention to the detail.


Digital Health Companies Need Process to Watch Cash Closely.  We utilize a process management system so you see where everything stands, what is coming up, what is ahead of schedule or behind.  You are never in the dark which is critical for digital health businesses that need to keep cash freed up to endure longer sales cycles.


Technology Tailored to Digital Health means curated technology that brings to you the right systems for the problem you are trying to solve.  Whether it be invoicing for PEPM, expense reimbursement, or reconciling risk based reports, we bring the solutions most appropriate for you.


Digital health's new economic models require proper accounting to measure your stride


Your Digital Health Advisors.  Accounting is about producing accurate reports that can be interpreted and acted upon.  With our digital health background, we know how your organization’s cost structure should look given your revenue metrics.  We’ll let you know and ask the hard questions.  We don’t just deliver reports.


Process Automation for Better Revenue Tracking of Complex Digital Health Contracts.  This is about characterizing contractual relationships at the outset and building algorithms to make sure that the accounting is done right, every time.  There is a lot of pricing variability in digital health (user based, risk based, fixed fee, pilot to commercial contract, consumer or patient generated, etc.) and we will make sure that you know how revenue is generated and from where.


Technology that Delivers Reports to Make Better Decisions for the Health of your Businessis about marrying the complexity of recurring revenue data capture and reporting with the understanding of what output is required to facilitate the right questions around customer concentration, sales cycles, and project level profitability.

HR Administration and Compliance

Healthcare holds HR to a higher standard. We do too!


A Team that Understands Healthcare Regulation. HR administration and compliance is intimately tied to making sure that regulatory filings are properly applied and fees and taxes are paid.  We coordinate that seamlessly at Stride so you don’t have to.


Compliance Your Enterprise Customers Would be Proud of. We put systems in place so you can confidently tell your payer, provider or large employer customers that you operate with a level of compliance rigor that will give them comfort they are working with a company that understands the heightened sensitivity of working in healthcare and with healthcare data.


Digital Health Companies Get Audited by Customer. No problem. Our HR Management Systems operate on a single master employee record where information is used to drive benefits, retirement, payroll, and compliance forms.  Changes only need to happen in one place so you have a clean employee census at all times.

Strategic Advisory Services

Work with healthcare experts that get your business and can help you create equity value


We are Digital Health Entrepreneurs. We started Stride because we know that digital health entrepreneurs need to focus on impact.  Our Partner team has experience across capital raising, contracting, enterprise sales, and product development in digital health.


Stride as your Digital Health Guide. We have documented methods to address your current objectives, whether that is raising capital, building out your value proposition, or negotiating with customers.  We will bring our experience and apply it to your unique circumstance and drive a measurable outcome.


Creating Connections to the Healthcare Ecosystem. We know the value of being able to demonstrate that your data can flow seamlessly into the systems of record that matter for customers (e.g. claims database, patient records, etc.).  We also know the power of bringing data to your fingertips that will help you make more actionable decisions.  Our services will identify ways to maximize your digital health data.

We’re committed to ensuring that digital health entrepreneurs never lose sleep over their back office and focus on accelerating their path to market.

Stride is a bookkeeping, accounting, and HR services firm that provides outsourced solutions for digital health companies that range from pre-revenue to scaling and who are servicing customers across the payer/provider/employer spectrum.

As serial healthcare entrepreneurs, we understand the peace of mind that comes from knowing your books are done right, every time.  We know the back office is distracting and there is simply no space to be focused on anything other than accelerating time to market and scaling.  We know the value of being able to turn financial data into actionable insights so you can plot the course for your company’s future with confidence.

So we’ve made back-office services as efficient and seamless as possible. Because when it all just works, you’re free to focus on making your digital health innovation a success.

Stride is based in San Francisco and was formerly called Keeping Your Balance.

Our Partners Have Deep Healthcare Leadership Expertise

Over 100 clients rely on Stride

Driving healthcare innovation demands extreme focus which means outsourcing all non-core activities like your back-office

Savvy digital health CEOs recognize the power of Stride’s outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, HR and strategic advisory services


Implementing EveryMove Wellness for Employers and Recognizing Recurring Revenue Correctly.

Solution + Outcomes

Hundreds of recurring revenue customers required an accounting process to make sure we were booking correctly, recognizing monthly recurring revenue appropriately, and also making sure that we triggered additional revenue when new users from the same company joined the system. We created reports that could be easily journaled into Quickbooks Online and saved hundreds of hours of spreadsheet analysis.

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