Accountant Lead

Background on Karla

Accounting Background:  I have been doing Accounting since 2013. I have been through different positions as an Inventory control staff, Accounting Assistant, Junior Bookkeeper and Accounting Specialist.

My Accounting Superpower:  My previous ALs call me an Excel Wiz. So I can simplify various Excel computations.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Wisdom of the Group. When I became a leader, it was a challenge to lead my team and be a worker as at the same time. It is important for me to be looped in with their conversations and know their strengths and weaknesses. In that way, we can have harmony. Wisdom of the group is what made me feel comfortable my team and learning how to rely on them. It is also the way for me to check and balance with confronted issues.

Where I Live: Philippines

Nickname:  Khai

Hobbies: I love playing musical instruments such as guitar and piano.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Vacation Spot: Bicol Albay where my Grandmother resides

Stores I Like: Lazada, Shoppee

Why I Work at Stride: I love working with Stride because I always have the opportunity to improve and become the best version of myself everyday.