Accounting Operations Manager

Background on Minette

Accounting Background:  Been working in the accounting field since the year I graduated from college, year 1999. It has been more than 20 years. I started working as an Accounting Staff which initially gave me that experience of handling Accounts Receivable, more into clients Invoicing, issuances of receipts, recording of deposits and monthly sales report. Then I was given a chance to work in a company where I was able to deal with entirely the accounting process, from creating AP vouchers, monthly cash disbursement book, AR invoicing, monthly cash receipts book, sales book and the creating of monthly journal entries and the general journal book. I became a financial analyst who creates financial statements along with its monthly tax remittances. I did became a bookkeeper of a company employees cooperative who handles entirely the organizations book and deal with its government reportorial requirements and their monthly tax remittances. Did lead and manage a team, overseeing their work. Started bookkeeping with international clients.

My Accounting Superpower:  I love the challenges in bookkeeping. Getting more into details. Reconciling accounts.

What is the Principle at Stride You Connect with the Most: Wisdom of the Group – I see the importance of knowing what the team’s heart and mind is. It always guides us and leads us in creating a better decision.

Where I Live: Philippines

Nickname:  Minette

Hobbies: Riding motorcyle with my husband and enjoying the view together.

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Vacation Spot: By the beach

Stores I Like: Nothing in particular

Why I Work at Stride: I like being with Stride. Of all the companies I’ve worked for, here is where I found my satisfaction. I love it that Stride takes time in listening to its employees where they also feel their importance but always ensure that there is a Win/Win in every situation.