By Stride Partner, Russell Benaroya

One Life to Lead is written by Russell Benaroya, co-founder and partner at Stride.

Behind every business there are leaders doing their best to navigate work alongside the universal challenges we all share—health, relationships, finances, and self-doubt. Facing these daily challenges, all while trying to manage the uncertainties of building a business, can get exhausting. How do we take control of our lives to better lead ourselves in order to more effectively lead others?

Author, entrepreneur, and speaker Russell Benaroya reveals a formula for business success that begins with an intentional approach to design your life. After selling his business and making the bold choice to move his family from Seattle to Costa Rica to nourish relationships and refresh his business outlook, Benaroya designed a new path for himself, one that not only better aligned to the person he wanted to become but embraced the person he is.

In One Life to Lead, Benaroya imparts his five basic design steps to help you, and those you lead, create a foundation for sustainable life and business success. You will learn how to distinguish stories from facts, establish your core principles, harness energy from your environment, and get and stay in your “genius zone” to successfully redesign your life.

Within each design step, Benaroya shares the honest stories of notable business leaders who faced difficult decisions in the face of uncertainty, so that we may learn from their experiences. You’ll see how they redesigned their own paths, took risks, and maintained a high level of curiosity as they sought to better understand themselves and their role as a leader. Complete with exercises, strategies, and first-hand experiences, One Life to Lead will give you the tools you need to clearly and confidently design your life.


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Why did I write One Life to Lead?

I wrote One Life to Lead because I felt stuck.  Despite the “freedom” of entrepreneurship, I was sabotaging myself by being locked in a vice of fear and uncertainty.  What I said was important to me was not being evidenced by how I was acting.  I knew I wanted to make a shift if I was going to become the leader that I aspired to be.  My family and I moved abroad for a year and I had the opportunity to take stock of how I wanted to design my life.  When I finally realized that I was my greatest obstacle to success, I changed my approach.  One Life to Lead walks through the steps of how I got there.  And Stride is the vehicle that allows me to bring my best self to building the kind of organization that I know will change lives.

What's your best advice to business leaders?

The best advice I can give you is to become more aware of how your actions are impacting your outcomes.  So many business leaders spend time blaming others or playing the victim card that they don’t stop to acknowledge their role in the result.  The second piece of advice is to relentlessly pursue finding, getting into, and staying in your zone of genius.  There is something you do that is not only valued but that you are exceptionally good at, and gives you energy.  Find it and figure out how to lead from that place.  Great things can happen when you let go of what others can do equally, if not better, than you.

Business leaders are recognizing One Life to Lead

“Leadership demands that you look inside yourself first. One Life to Lead will help you smooth out the ups and downs of life and business by laying out a series of steps you can take to stop reacting and start architecting. Read this book first before getting involved in your next leadership role—or just read it now!”

—Cameron Herold, founder of COO Alliance and Second-in-Command podcast, author of Vivid Vision, and former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

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