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Podcast: Managed IT Services in a Remote Workforce Environment



In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, we had a chance to talk to Michael Price, Founder and CEO of MPA Networks, an outsourced managed IT services firm supporting companies of all sizes across a range of IT support needs. I was so captivated during this call with Michael as we talked about IT and the future of work!

Back in the day, Michael was running around with Bill Gates at Lakeside and grew up in the personal computing industry. He founded MPA 37 years ago, not long after IBM shipped its first desktop computer with a hard drive. Michael takes us on an interesting journey to this current place in time today where companies are grappling with a new set of challenges associated with managing remote teams.

What does it really entail to work from home? What does it mean to effectively have a “location” as defined by the residence of all of your employees? What are the tools required to serve the management and governance policies required to drive productivity and effectiveness? How do we get servers off-premises so that if the company doesn’t have a physical location, people can still remote in? These are all questions we need to be thinking about as Bill Gates suggests we plan through the end of 2021 to have viable solutions for managing COVID-19. With that in mind, let’s get ready to find real, sustainable tech solutions–not band-aids.

MPA is a solutions company. As they say on their site, you don’t pay MPA to fix things; you pay them to keep things from breaking. Michael is an advisor that oozes trust and confidence and someone I’m proud to call a Stride client today.


In this Freedom Speaker Series episode with Michael Price, you will learn:


  • Why companies typically look to an outsourced management solution like MPA
  • How to think about IT strategy with a growing remote workforce
  • The real issues of security vulnerability when working from home
  • Cost considerations for supporting a remote workforce

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If you want to learn more about Michael and MPA Networks, check out mpa.com.

We are fortunate to have Michael available to spend time with us on this edition of Stride 2 Freedom and leaning into the topics on the minds of all of us. If there is a speaker you’d like us to interview, click here and let us know. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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