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Podcast: Marketing Communications That Drives Conversions



In this episode of Stride 2 Freedom, we had a chance to talk to Bryan Scanlon, Founder and CEO of Look Left Marketing, a PR and marketing agency for B2B companies in the data security space. What I loved about our conversation was how much he impressed the power of focus.

Look Left knows where it can help clients make an impact. By using the power of content marketing and communications, they shape the story of businesses and products toward target audiences with immeasurable benefits. Look Left helps clients articulate a value proposition to the right customers at the right time to trigger the desired response–like making a buying decision. What makes Look Left so effective is that they create layers of content to reinforce and create a consistent message surrounding a product/service, both solidifying and defending its value proposition.

Look Left is also an expert in crisis communications (yes, another form of content marketing but for a very specific purpose), one of Bryan’s secret superpowers. He’s three steps ahead, knowing what will happen if a client doesn’t take certain communication actions immediately. In their world of data and security, crisis communication is a real thing!

The Look Left team is like a family and they treat their clients the same way. Bryan is an open book about encouraging potential clients to call their customers–that’s transparency.


In this Freedom Speaker Series episode with Bryan Scanlon, you will learn:


  • What communications marketing is and why it matters in your marketing stack
  • The power of focus and saying “no” to being all things to all people
  • The importance of context over content
  • Why developing a framework in a crisis is essential

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Bryan is also a Stride client. He’s been able to focus on what makes Look Left special by not having to focus as much on the back office bookkeeping/accounting. We’re proud to serve him! If you want to learn more about Bryan and Look Left Marketing, check out lookleftmarketing.com.

We are fortunate to have Bryan available to spend time with us on this edition of Stride 2 Freedom and leaning into the topics on the minds of all of us. If there is a speaker you’d like us to interview, click here and let us know. Stay well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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