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The Challenge with Today's Accounting Reports:

CEO’s want to see problem spots and take action but accounting data makes it difficult because

  • Spreadsheets make it difficult to see trends
  • Most bookkeepers email reports without any commentary
  • Data comes from multiple sources
  • Information is produced too late following the end of the month
  • Key metrics are buried in a mountain of noise

Investors get dissatisfied because CEO’s

  • Delay sharing information because putting together charts takes a “back seat”
  • Minimize the strategic value of their bookkeeper to be a data ally
  • Spend too much time creating visual reports and not enough time conuming them
  • Fail to highlight where there is “smoke” in the business
  • Tend to ignore valuable accounting data for making strategic decisions
  • Confuse being busy with being effective

Stride Vista is a Dynamic Reporting Platform:

Free up CEO time
Focus on the metrics that matter
Identify trends and hot spots for discussion
Promote strategic decisions based on data

Stride creates Stride Vista leveraging multiple data sources.

CEO’s can easily drop in visuals and add text and insights to share with their teams.

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Stride Vista Outputs

Stride Vista starts by providing reporting across your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. We can further customize to pull the most relevant metrics for your company.

Historical Financials


Cash Flow

Recurring Revenue

Labor Efficiency

Sales Pipeline

100 of Stride's Clients Leverage Stride Vista in Their Businesses

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